Project@Hand 2.53 MSP

Excellent project manager for Palm

Professionals looking for a handheld project management solution will appreciate the power of Natara's Project@Hand™ 2 MSP project management application for the Palm Computing platform.

Project managers who use Microsoft Project will welcome the true one-step synchronization of Project@Hand 2 MSP. Once desktop project files are identified to Project@Hand, updates made to the projects on the desktop and handheld will be reconciled during each synchronization.

The Project@Hand 2 handheld application is also available as a stand-alone project management application. Create and track projects directly on your handheld device. This option is available for project managers who do not use Microsoft Project.

Key Features:

  • One-step synchronization with Microsoft Project.
  • Advanced scheduling engine.
  • Organize your project using a hierarchical task list.
  • Integrated Gantt chart.
  • Project, task and resource lists are fully customizable.
  • Supports high resolution devices.
  • Supports devices with virtual graffiti areas.
  • Save projects on storage cards to free up memory.
  • Define and save multiple filters.
  • Beam projects to other handheld devices.
  • Print task information using TealPrint or PalmPrint.

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Project@Hand 2.53 MSP

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